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22 May 2024

Get to know the new ISO in Circular Economy

Do you want to know what they consist of? Eco Intelligent Growth tells you

Since 2019, at EIG (Eco Intelligent Growth), we have collaborated in the definition of five standards as part of the Circular Economy committee of UNE (Spanish Association for Standardisation). This committee, made up of experts, scientists and organisations, has worked to establish the basis of what constitutes the circular economy and how it should be implemented.

The ISO Circular Economy standards are practical guides designed to set guidelines and provide organisations with tools to help them implement and measure the circular economy.

Today, three of these important standards are published.

Want to know more?

Get to know the top 3 ISOs in Circular Economy and discover how each of them can help you.

At EIG, we are committed to helping you understand and apply the new ISO Circular Economy standards. We explain how each of these standards can benefit you and guide you in implementing sustainable practices for your organization.


  • ISO 59004: Circular Economy – Vocabulary, principles and implementation guidance

This standard sets out the fundamental principles of the circular economy and provides general guidance for implementation. With ISO 59004, you will be able to understand the key concepts and steps needed to integrate the circular economy into your organization, ensuring that all stakeholders have a common language and approach.


  • ISO 59010: Circular Economy – Guidance for transitioning business models and value networks

ISO 59010 provides detailed guidance for organizations to transition to circular business models. This standard will help you identify key areas of your business that need to change, set clear objectives, and develop strategies to transform your value chain towards sustainability. It is essential for companies looking to restructure their operations and collaborate effectively with partners and suppliers in a circular model.


  • ISO 59020: Circular Economy – Circularity performance measurement and assessment

ISO 59020 provides tools, methods and indicators to measure and analyze your organization’s circularity performance according to various criteria such as the circularity aspect they address, the level of the system to which they apply, the data required, and the calculations or aggregations needed to process such data. With this standard, you will be able to evaluate the efficiency of your circular practices, identify opportunities for improvement and demonstrate the positive impact of your sustainability efforts. This measurement is crucial to maintain transparency and accountability for progress towards circular goals.


Who is eligible for ISO in Circular Economy?

Any company or organization of all types and sizes can implement these new ISO standards as a frame of reference and, although they are not certifiable, they offer valuable guidance for the implementation and measurement of circular economy practices.

We can help you

At EIG, as circular economy, sustainability and innovation consultants with nearly 20 years of experience, we can help you implement these standards in your organization and ensure that your practices are aligned with current European regulations. In addition, all our services and all our actions are already adapted to future regulatory requirements.

If you want to position your organization at the forefront of sustainability, contact us and we will accompany you in your transition to the circular economy.

Contact us to learn more and start your transition to the circular economy.

Upcoming standards in June-July 2024

  • ISO 59040: Circular Economy – Product Circularity Datasheet
  • ISO 59014: Environmental Management and the Circular Economy – Sustainability and Traceability in Secondary Materials Recovery – Principles and Requirements