PICKDPACK – Strategic advisory on circular packaging


  • Understand where we are

    Analyze the circular potential of Pick'd'Pack single-use food packaging products.

  • Align

    Align objectives and metrics with those of the region.

  • Position

    Giving visibility to the Catalan packaging industry in the context of the Circular Economy.

Pick’d’Pack is one of the pioneer companies in Catalonia in compostable and biodegradable packaging. Since Catalonia, as a region, has adhered to the Ellen MacArthur Foudation initiative expressing its commitment to the circular economy, Pick’d’Pack, with the support of ACCIÓ and in collaboration with Packaging Cluster, decides to align its strategy in the same direction and enhance its biodegradable and compostable packaging lines.

To do this, as a first step, EIG reviews the characteristics of the products in the Pick’d’Pack catalog in accordance with EMF Circularity Metrics, also conducting a pre-assessment against the C2C Certified criteria to understand their compatibility with the biological cycle. .

6 product lines are assessed: Cónica, Take Away, Double Wall White Cup, White Cup, Ripple Wall Cup, Single Wall Paper Cup White

This project has been funded by ACCIÓ.