Today’s buildings are tomorrow’s quarries. (2008, C. Sendra)

We’re practitioners of C2C Circular Construction

From design, to materials selection, construction and de-construction, the Built Environment has a huge circular potential.

Our many years experience working with amazing people gives us unique skills that combine knowledge and experience.
We’ve developed the methodology to make real a C2C circular construction, together with the tools and metrics to unlock all its potential.

  • Lean2Cradle®; is our methodology to design and build C2C Circular Construction projects.
  • Circular Diagnosis: we help you understand where you are, the value you can preserve and the opportunities to improve it.
  • Circular Passports: is the traceability tool that allows you to manage the circular value over time
  • Value to Business: fed by the Circular Passport, our tool enables a financial approach to the benefits of circularity from a Real Estate perspective. It helps you to make decisions to preserve value mocking up the performance of several KPI’s (ROI, TIR, NPV, Residual Value).
  • Value to Society: the L2C True Value tool enables you to understand how your decisions affect society.
  • Circular Portfolio Management: we help you develop the strategy to keep up the value of your portfolio and measure the benefits for your business and society.