Oficinas Grupo Construcia Barcelona

GRUPO CONSTRUCÍA – Implementation of new offices and dismantling of old ones Barcelona

Client: Grupo Construcía

Project: Implementation of new offices and dismantling of the old ones to reuse all possible resources, with circularity and sustainability strategies.

Location: Carretera de Rubí 102, 2nd floor, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona.

Context: Grupo Construcía is an ecosystem of circular companies, whose purpose is to “Generate positive impact by transforming the world through the construction sector and take it to other related sectors” and its offices had to be a reflection of this. The new spaces were designed based on the values of the organization: Transparency, Innovation, Passion, Honesty and Integrity and Respect.

Main challenges:

  • Circular transformation

    Apply circularity and sustainability strategies to create healthy spaces, prepared for future uses, efficient in the use of resources and designed for comfort and well-being.

Scope of the project:

Involvement in the entire process of creating the offices, from the design phase to the construction phase, with the aim of improving in terms of circularity and sustainability.

Material Intelligence

  • Review of materials and construction solutions
  • Collection of measurements (Bill of Quantities)
  • Identification of manufacturers to choose C2C or compatible materials and define take-back programs

Design phase. Level I y II

  • Training Level(s) to the team
  • Qualitative analysis of all the indicators of the Mos considered (L1)
  • Energy simulation (indicator 1.1 and 4.2, L2)
  • Management with CoCircular on the management of construction site waste, to ensure traceability.

Construction phase. Level II

  • Monitoring of on-site waste management for L2
  • Control of reused materials
  • Management and validation of changes + site monitoring

As-built. Level III

  • LCA as-built(Levels)
  • Materials Passport and Signature Circular as-built(EIG)
  • Calculation of other indicators Level(s) 3 and reporting



  • 77%

    77% of installed materials are potentially cyclable in the future

  • 40%

    40% reduction in energy demand: - Increased roof insulation to avoid energy losses. - Replacement of all aluminum carpentry with a higher quality system and very high performance glass, guaranteeing energy efficiency.

  • 20%

    Almost 20% of the materials identified are reused from the old offices, resulting in emission savings of more than 750 kg CO2 eq..


We have used the European Level(s) framework, aligned with our vision of circular construction, focusing especially on:

  • Health of spaces
  • Adaptation and resilience
  • Efficient use of material resources
  • Efficient use of water resources
  • Carbon footprint

Cradle to Cradle®

Cradle to Cradle® certified materials used

  • Custom carpentry by Finsa (C2C Certified Silver and Bronze)
  • Titan paint (Gold) and Graphenstone (Silver)
  • Operational furniture by Dynamobel and Andreu World
  • Carpets and flooring by Interface
  • Aluminum partition walls by Sitab
  • Drainage pipes: ABN Pipes
  • Simon switches

The design of our work center helps us connect our teams and learn from experience, from design to dismantling.