4 December 2020

Ciclos, the new C2C Certified Gold garments

C&A Brazil launches a wide collection of cotton, denim and twill garments designed to be recycled

C&A Brazil takes another important step toward fashion with a positive impact and becomes the first company in the Americas to launch Gold level Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products made in Brazil. Cradle to Cradle Certified is the world’s most advanced science-based measure of materials and products that are safe, circular and made responsibly.

Titled Ciclos (or ‘Cycles’ in English), the certified collection revolutionizes the Brazilian fashion retail market, since it is the first one to have a socially and environmentally responsible production process. The launch encourages the Brazilian production chain to rethink its model and adopt sustainability innovations that already occur in the textile industry in countries that are benchmarks in the matter.

To develop the Ciclos products, C&A Brazil teamed up with C&A Global and Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG) in 2018 and has since then energetically developed its supply chain, so that its suppliers could meet all the strict requirements of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard, from growing cotton with a lower impact to the environment to using safe materials and managing water resources, to encouraging the use of renewable energy in production and applying fair and equitable business practices.

After 1.5 years of work with C&A, two suppliers were able to produce materials for the Ciclos collection at the Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold level: Cotton Star, which is responsible for knitwear; and Emphasis, responsible for denim items. Gold level Cradle to Cradle certification for these products ensures:
• 100% of the chemicals used do not pose risk to the environment and people, also buttons do not contain hazardous heavy metals.

• 100% of the cotton used in products (fabric and sewing threads) is more sustainable (sourced as BCI or organic certified, respectively).

• 50% of the energy used in the production is renewable or promoted this type of energy source.

• 100% of the products are made by companies with labor conditions superior to the standards set forth by local legislation, while conduct innovative social projects that positively impact local communities.

• 100% of the water used in the production process returns to the environment without negative impact.

• The products in the collection were designed with consideration for their next cycles of use. Therefore, they can be donated, placed into the Movimento ReCiclo boxes (available in more than 155 C&A stores in Brazil) or sent to recycling.

Donatti, C&A Brazil’s Commercial Vice President, says that this exclusive launch by C&A Brazil reinforces the company’s commitment to fashion industry in Brazil by enabling the domestic production of Gold level Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products.

“Sustainability is key for C&A. By bringing Cradle to Cradle Certified products made in Brazil to market, we will empower our customers to make even more sustainable product choices. Prior to the project, C&A was already using sustainable raw materials and carrying out a robust program for the sustainable management of chemicals, boosting our suppliers’ sustainability performance. In addition to partnering to achieve safe and circular materials, our suppliers’ commitment to safe and fair labor conditions, also helped achieve Gold level certification.”

“The launch of this latest certified collection in Brazil is another important step towards expanding global consumer access to more sustainable products that are certified as safe and circular. The fact that C&A Brazil has successfully achieved the production of this collection through collaboration with Brazil-based suppliers adds further significance to this launch: the Ciclos collection is also a powerful demonstration of regional supply partnerships and consumer-centric product development considering the local context,” said Dr. Christina Raab, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute vice president of strategy.

The launch will include denim products for women’s and men’s, and will be the connection between the fashion that the customers want and already love to find at C&A, and the company’s sustainability initiatives. The collection features a mix of ‘destroyed’ style clothes that includes mom and skinny jeans, high-waisted shorts, skirt and jacket. C&A’s goal is to offer products with sustainability features that are as desirable as the regular ones, with no additional pricing, reinforcing our commitment to make fashion more accessible and democratic. In total, 44 stores across Brazil will sell the collection products, as well as the brand’s e-commerce (cea.com.br) and app from the last week of October.

Manifesto and democratization

In order to create the new communication concept for its product line named Ciclos, the company teamed up with Menos 1 Lixo, a major environmental education movement in Brazil that was responsible for the naming, visual identity and manifesto of the initiative, in order to bring to Brazilian consumers all attributes, not only of products, but also of circular fashion as a whole, and stress its importance and impacts on nature, in a friendly and accessible way.

#VistaAMudança (# WearTheChange)

The launch is part of #VistaAMudança (#WearTheChange), C&A’s movement to support sustainability initiatives to preserve the future of the planet. The brand is committed to increase the products made with more sustainable raw materials, have a circular economy approach, promote safe and fair labor conditions in our supply chain and engage customers and employees toward a fashion with positive impact.

EIG is walking by C&A’s side in this road inspired by William McDonough’s cradle to cradle® vision for almost 3 years, assessing products and manufacturers.