11 February 2022

Eco Intelligent Growth appoints Marc Basany as new CEO to strengthen its international growth

Marc Basany will contribute to the international expansion of the company, under the leadership of Ignasi Cubiñá

Eco Intelligent Growth, a Grupo Construcía company since 2012, focuses on the circular transformation of companies, industries and organisations, based on Cradle to Cradle® circular economy principles.


Madrid, 04.02.2022.- Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG), consulting company belonging to Grupo Construcía, has appointed Marc Basany as its new CEO with the aim of strengthening its structure and promoting the implementation of circular economy, through innovation from the product to the company’s strategy, in different sectors, from urban planning and construction to the fashion and packaging industry.

Marc Basany will contribute to the international expansion of the company, under the leadership of Ignasi Cubiñá, President and co-founder of EIG, member of the Board of Directors of Grupo Construcía and international reference in circular economy and Cradle to Cradle®.

A Telecommunications Engineer from Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona and PDD from IESE, Marc Basany has 20 years of experience in consulting, project management and business development within the technology, environmental and circular economy markets. He joins EIG from his previous project, Infinit ValuEngineering, SL (Infinit VE), Barcelona, an industrial engineering start-up focused on innovation in the valorisation of municipal solid waste.

At EIG, Basany will work with a solid team of 19 professionals, with very diverse profiles, who have become a national and international benchmark in the implementation of the circular economy and the evaluation of products through Cradle to Cradle Certified®.

“I am joining Eco Intelligent Growth to contribute to consolidate its leadership in the creation of a fairer and more regenerative economy for all, thanks to its methodology, which combines the benefits of Lean Construction with the principles of Cradle to Cradle so as to create innovative, healthier, more profitable and reusable spaces and products“, said Basany.


Leaders in circular transformation

EIG was founded in 2005, inspired by Cradle-to-Cradle principles (W. McDonough & M. Braungart). It was integrated into Grupo Construcía in 2012, and since 2013 it has been an accredited organisation for the evaluation of products through the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program. EIG has been the driving force behind Construcía’s transformation and, together with the other companies from the Group, has innovated and developed its own methodologies, paving the way for circular construction.

Its projects have become true benchmarks, such as Gonsi Sócrates Bio-building, the headquarters of Wallbox Chargers or Simon in Barcelona, as well as the Interxion Data Center and the Botanic Business Center building in Madrid, among others. Its activity in the industrial sector is represented by projects ranging from consulting for the development of circular products for Fluidra, to the management of supply chains, materials intelligence and product assessment with C2C Certified for companies such as Interface Floors, Industrias Titan and Finsa; and within the textile and fashion sector, G-Star Raw, C&A, Stella McCartney or Kontoor Lee, among others.


About EIG

Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG) is a Cradle to Cradle® circular economy consultancy and innovation company, working to create a world in which business regenerates ecosystems and society. EIG has been helping companies, regions and organisations of all sorts to make the transition to innovative circular models since 2005, with a focus on buildings, international fashion and textile markets and packaging.

EIG has developed new methodologies (Lean2Cradle®) and metrics, such as the L2C True Value® (adaptation of True Value® together with KPMG), financial value indicators, and more recently the C3A® circular carbon assessment protocol (in process together with Politecnico di Milano and Demetra), to put cradle to cradle circular construction into practice.  EIG is an organisation accredited to perform the assessment of products against the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program, having business activities worldwide.

For further information, please visit: https://ecointelligentgrowth.net


About Grupo Construcía

Grupo Construcía is a group of companies providing circularity services, from strategic consultancy to the construction of circular assets. The company was founded in 2002 and since 2012 has been collaborating with companies and organisations in the transition towards innovative, profitable and circular business models and product designs. It promotes innovation, excellence and efficiency and aims to decouple the construction sector from the massive consumption of raw materials and to create healthy environments for people, generate zero waste and at the same time being profitable for companies.

Grupo Construcía is made up of four companies: a construction company (Construcía), an installation company (Construcía Instalaciones), the developer Circular Capital and the consultancy company EIG. It has 320 employees and a turnover of €150m in 2021.

For further information, please visit: www.construcia.com


Marketing and Communication

Teresa Alejos / Mónica Basallote (Mktg Grupo Construcía) Mobile phone: +34 607.725.448 Mail: comunicacion@construcia.com

María Colantoni / Alice Dessaint (Mktg EIG) info@ecointelligentgrowth.net


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