12 September 2018

Cradle to Cradle® Fashion at Hula Hoop Experience


There are only a few days left (and few spots) for the workshop on fashion from the Cradle to Cradle® perspective, which will take place in the context of the Hula Hoop Experience next September 19th (Disseny Hub Barcelona) .

It is about keeping the Hula Hoop spinning and for this it is necessary to understand very well how to move. Cradle to Cradle Certified (TM) provides the methodological framework to guide from the design to the manufacturing and after use management, making possible the cyclability of the products, for the benefit of all.

Fashion is one of the great challenges of the circular economy. The problems generated both in the manufacturing process and in the destination of the garments at the end of their cycle of use – increasingly brief – have put the sector in the spotlight. If we add to this the working conditions in the countries where most of the production is concentrated, the balance is even worse.

However, several of the large corporations have assumed their responsibility in the change and have been working for several years at the material selection level as well as in the surveillance and management of their supply chains. There is still a long way to go but there are several very interesting experiences that deserve mention, such as the work of C & A we shared a few days ago or the innovation efforts led by H&M.

From the denim sector, G-Star Raw has been leading the battle for the selection of materials and suppliers for some time. On September 19 we will have the opportunity to hear from Adriana Galijasevic herself, responsible for this process in the company, the challenges and achievements in the development of C2C Certified denim garments today.

Accompanying Adriana, we will have several experts who will collaborate in the deepening and contextualization of different aspects. We present them below:


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Gabriela Pedranti is a partner and responsible for communication at Moda Sostenible Barcelona. She has a degree in Communication from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain). Between 2014 and 2018 she coordinated the BA (HONS) Fashion Marketing and Communication, validated by the University of Westminster, at the IED Barcelona, where she also works as a teacher in the areas of semiotics and communication since 2005. She is currently a professor at UPF. She has worked as a consultant, journalist and translator.

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Nuria Estape, chemist with years of experience in textile factories in Southeast Asia and Europe in the implementation of new technologies and chemical products, is currently responsible for the Global Marketing Promotion area in the Brand & Performance Textile Specialties division of Archroma. The company, headquartered in Switzerland with global presence in the field of chemicals and dyes for textiles, has developed Earthcolors®, an innovative line of dyes made using natural waste raw material, of which Nuria is responsible.

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Nuria Nubiola, is an environmental scientist, an expert in environmental education and communication, who together with Montse Bayen creates Back to Eco, a project that carries the circular economy in its DNA that continues to grow and be heard in the local and international environment. Nuria is the communicative and DIY part of the project, you will never find her lack of ideas. She will explain the perspective of the entrepreneur and will contribute her experience in cycling materials as a start-up company.

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Aglaia Gómez leads fashion and textile projects at EIG. Since 2013 she supports and guides companies towards more circular business models, and has led over 15 projects  in the fashion and textile sectors worldwide. Aglaia will facilitate this workshop to help participants keep in mind opportunities for positive impacts fashion products and processes can bring, while promoting the discussion on how to overcome current and future challenges.

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