13 December 2019

European Green Deal demands a Circular Economy Action Plan

The European Commission restates its commitment to the relief of climate change by publishing the European Green Deal. It strives to encompass all bigger elements of the crisis and provide related legislative actions.

Among its many relevant topics, it is essential to highlight:

  • The adoption of an EU industrial strategy, with a focus on green and digital transformation.
  • The adoption of a new Circular Economy Action Plan for all sectors. In particular, Eco-design and sustainable products with a focus on recycling, especially resource-intensive sectors. This aims to reduce waste significantly through Common eco-design principle.

In addition, the focus will also be in the reuse initiatives to stimulate lead markets for climate neutral and circular products in energy intensive industrial sectors.

The document also puts forward a roadmap for its suggested actions, setting March 2020 as the goal for the EU Industrial Strategy and the Circular Ecomony Action Plan. The latter one includes a sustainable products initiative and focus on textiles, construction, electronics and plastics.

To read the full text click here.