19 December 2019

Global iniciative “Circular Cities Week” now in Barcelona

“Barcelona Circular City” is now part of “Circular Cities Week”, an annual global event celebrated for the first time in more than 80 cities around the world. On January 14th and 15th the very first edition of “Barcelona Circular City” will take place as an initiative linked to “Circular Cities Week”, a Circular Economy Club (CEC) project that promotes collaboration between public and private sector organizations to find solutions for the city’s integration to Circular Economy.

In 2050, 75% of the population will live in cities. Under the current linear economy model, cities use up 75% of resources, produce 50% of residues and emit 60-80% of greenhouse effect gasses. Circular economy applied to cities entails facing these challenges and creating a new horizon of new opportunities by generating new ways of producing an accessing good and services.

At “Barcelona Circular City”, in partnership with Eco Intelligent Growth, Creafutur, Inèdit and Barcelona Activa – Ajuntament de Barcelona, a number of workshops with key public and private sectors agents will take place to start identifying the main challenges and next steps to transform Barcelona in a Circular City, ending the era of waste.

The workshops will gather more than 40 organizations in two days: on the 14th for mobility and construction sector and on the 15th, fashion, food and beverages.

“Circular Cities Week” has two main goals:

– Supporting cities in their transition to circular economy.

-Designing a roadmap for the main challenges the main cities involved would face and the opportunities circular economy would bring about. This roadmap would be available for free starting next year and will serve as an inspiration to other cities.

This ambitious initiative is the result of the cooperation of diverse and innovative organizations from Barcelona that count on circular economy as an answer to look forward to a more sustainable future. In this installment, some of the collaborators will be: Ajuntament de Barcelona, SEAT, AMB, B:SM, Suez, Construcía, Industrias Titán, Tendam, Recover, Jeanología, Véritas, Cafés Novell, Espigoladors, Cetaqua, Gremi de Recuperació de Catalunya, Packaging Cluster, Nylstar, Iaios and Archroma, among others.

For more info:

Marc Torralba E-mail: comunicacion@cecbarcelona.com