24 January 2019

Ignasi Cubiñá talks about C2C and circular economy at RTVE2

Yesterday night in prime time, RTVE 2 showcased the program “Escala Humana” (Human Scale). This edition called “De la cuna a la cuna” (“from cradle to cradle”) was dedicated to explain the principles of Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) and circular economy together with implementation examples. Ignasi Cubiñá, EIG’s CEO and co-founder, was in charge of explaining the Cradle to Cradle design framework, how it enables a harmonic link with nature that can bring back balance. The circular economy, as the macro economic dimension of C2C, proposes a path for a sustainable growth.

The program goes through different examples of what is going on and where are we heading to, showcasing construction innovation, industrial implementation and new developments in products and materials.

Building like nature

Escala Humana explains to the main public some concepts that maybe are well-known for many; but it’s surprising to see how much confusion there’s around. The more circular economy is spread the bigger the assimilation to previous concepts and practices as waste recycling or simple reutilization.

Here is the importance of the success cases, to learn by example.

The architects Carles Oliver and Maria Antonia Garcias explain “Life reusing posidonia”, a social housing project in Formentera, designed and built with local and natural materials, re-used doors and windows, and use of posidonia as insulating material. The project was inspired by the C2C philosophy, taking into account the future of materials after their use cycle, its impact on human health, on landscape, among others.


Designing the future


Ignasi Cubiñà explains the problems of the industrial revolution and the technological revolution of 20th century, with their fail to prevent the consequences of their scalability; and how to tackle them by applying the Cradle to Cradle® framework.

It’s time to design the transition towards a model that can enable growth without compromising life and resources.

Ignasi also explains the impact of applying the circular economy in buildings and how it affects our health and productivity.


Creating the ecosystem

The key to make it possible is creating the tools to build the ecosystem. MatMap presents its platform to give new life to used construction materials. Recovered materials from demolition or refurbishing projects, production surplus and other inputs that would normally become waste now have a new opportunity to get into the cycle.


You can watch the entire program here:

“Escala Humana: de la cuna a la cuna”