BOTTO GIUSEPPE – A C2C Certified natural fiber range

Certified products:

  • Naturalis Fibra range
  • Slow Silk range


  • Harmony with Nature

    To establish harmonious relations both with the environment and with people in a framework of total and absolute transparency

Main challenges:

  • Material Health

    No material health certified chemicals, all assessments had to be done from scratch which was more cost and time intensive and had to provide a limited color card at first, and slowly could expand on this over time.

  • Transparency

    To involve a large number of small local manufacturers (north of Italy) and international raw material suppliers (Australia, China, India).


  • Materials Health

    Platinum in material health, verification that the wool and silk products are pesticide free as well as safe and healthy processing chemicals and dyes.

  • Renewable Energy

    Products >50% powered by renewable energy produced onsite by Botto Giuseppe, including small hydropower plants and solar panels installed in several of the factories involved.

  • Animal Welfare

    Verification that animals in the supply chain are treated fairly (i.e. by using mulesing-free technique, a process to curtail pests in the animals skin).

Key Learnings

Consumers and now brands are very interested in welfare of animals along the supply chain. C2C goes beyond the traceability and sustainability of raw materials when it comes to animal welfare standards, since it goes from fiber to finished product and verifies the “5 Goods” of animal welfare.