Maiyet Fair Yarn

MAIYET – Fashion positive Fair Yarn

Within the initiative Fashion Positive of the C2CPII, EIG works with Maiyet and Botto Giuseppe on the certification of their high-quality threads FAIR, was awarded with Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM at Silver level in February 2016.
FAIR is composed of first-quality cashmere produced by nomadic communities in Mongolia, and with Chinese premium silk, gained by remnants of first extraction. Maiyet collaborates with support projects (programs of vaccination, infrastructure, etc.) for the Mongolian communities to improve life and work conditions of them and their cattle, like the quality of their cashmere. Botto Giuseppe is a family company strongly committed to their community (the production site in Tarcento is entirely powered with renewable energies and the hydroelectric micro-power plant the company built last Century provides electricity to part of the town).
Together with the manufacturer, EIG worked on the selection of colorants and process chemicals that would be compatible with the biological circle, so that FAIR and its production process will be not only fair, but also healthy for humans and environment.