13 July 2020

SoliTek Solid Solar Modules C2C Certified Silver

SoliTek’s SOLID solar modules Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver: renewable energy with safe and circular materials

European solar panel manufacturer SoliTek (Vilnius, Lithuania) has earned the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ award for its advanced glass-glass SOLID module range. The company embarked on a demanding Cradle to Cradle Certified™ process in the beginning of 2020, responding to a growing interest for environmentally sustainable solar panels in Europe, especially Scandinavia and Benelux, the primary SoliTek markets.

EIG helped Solitek achieving the highest level ever for a solar module in less than 5 months.

Solitek main achievements:

To get the C2C Certified Silver award Solitek’s Solid Solar Modules have to go through a deep assessment, involving the five quality categories of the program.

Solitek earned great results in all of them, as shows the C2C Product scorecard:

The highest level, the first EU made

Solitek Solid glass-glass solar module is the first C2C Certified solar panel made in Europe and the second worldwide. This high achievement level was possible due to the effort of assessing 98-99,5% of the substances present in weght.

The Material Health Assessment was performed by MBDC.

It was also defined the base-line of the circularnutrient management system, to be developed in the near future.

Moving forward for safe and circular modules

“We are looking forward strengthening our competitive advantage in the European market as the competition from the far East companies gets tighter every day. We have already a very strong commitment from our partners in Benelux to expand our cooperation to a new level with Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products,” – says CEO of SoliTek Julius Sakalauskas.


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