INTERFACE – C2C Certified Gold carpet tiles series

Certified products:

  • Monochrome carpet tiles with CircuitBac Green
  • Conscient carpet tiles with CircuitBac Green (all colors)
  • CircuitBac Green backing for carpet tiles

Interface EU has been working for several years with EIG in the framework of a roadmap to develop the basis for the development of safe and circular poducts on the C2C Certified(TM) criteria.

Interface goal is to develop fully optimized products for the circular economy; therefore the right selection of the building blocks stands as the better strategy to enable innovation in the desired direction. CircuitBac Green, the biopolymer and mineral backing for carpets is the first result of this approach.


  • Innovation

    To develop 100% safe and circular carpets C2C Certified Gold

  • Material Health

    To identify safe and circular components, compatible with C2C Certified Gold criteria.

  • Transparency

    To find the right partners in the supply chain to help Interface develop C2C circular products.

Main challenges:

  • Materials Heath

    Identify and pre-assess more than 1.500 substances against C2C Certified criteria.

  • Traceability

    Contact with the supply chain to achieve the information at the required level of detail

  • Scale

    Set the basis for C2C Gold compatible products to be developed in the future.


  • 100%

    of products chemistry optimized (safe for humans and the environment).

  • 100%

    powered by renewable energy.

  • 100%

    of water in closed-loop system.

Key Learnings

Key goals and commitment

Interface is committed with sustainability since long. This makes it brave and ambitious when setting goals that may have an effect on the core of its activity.

Material Intelligence

A solid work in material intelligence sets the basis for safe and circular product development and innovation.


Collaboration of the supply chain is crucial. Finding the right partners enables a positive and collective innovation.