C2C Certified Lindner Metal ceilings

LINDNER – LMD Metal Ceilings

Lindner worked with EIG to achieve the Cradle to Cradle Certified award for their metal ceilings at the first certification period. LMD was the first metal ceilings family to achieve the certification.

Lindner Metal Ceilings are suspended ceiling systems available as Hook-On, Post Cap, Cassette, Baffle, Corridor or Canopy Ceiling for the application inside of buildings with high architectural and technical requirements.

LMD Metal Ceilings consist of factory-made, industrially pre-finished, modular components: powder-coated metal ceiling panel – either with or without acoustic tissue – substructure elements and structural accessories.

All ceiling systems are developed as complete systems, created by the assembly of the single components to a compound accessible ceiling structure.

Steel sheet as the main component of the non-combustible metal ceilings comes from local suppliers. Steel is a fully recyclable material, with a high post consumer recycled content.

The recycled content in LMD metal panels is at least 30%.

LMD metal panels are manufactured and powder-coated at the Lindner headquarters in Arnstorf. The powder-coating plant works on the principle of a closed water cycle process and recovery of residual powder.

LMD-B 100, LMD-B 110, LMD-B 111, LMD-DS 312, LMD-DS 320, LMD-E 200, LMD-E 213, LMD-E 214, LMD-E 300, LMD-E 312, LMD-K 420, LMD-L 601, LMD-L 607, LMD-L 608, LMD-L LAOLA